Centric 480

Captain Craig Tafoya and Greg Bishop pioneered the installation of the first “Frequency Converter” on board a motor yacht in 1987 by retrofitting a land-based Helianetic unit to replace the previous standard Motor-Generator (MG) units.  The unit soon became the standard for shore power conversion for many years before ATLAS, AC, and many others jumped into the market today.

The CENTRIC480 is an All-in-One modular, Scalable & Transformer-less Frequency Converter for the Marine Industry.

Centric480 has a very short delivery time with pricing far below the market. Some of the advantages of the CENTRIC 480 over the others are:

  • Compact Size (built within a 19″ rack-mount enclosure)
  • Fully Expandable from 300 kVA to 480 kVA within minutes
  • Multiple Units can be added in series up to 1,000 kVA
  • Modular Design (10 x 30 kVA modules) meaning the unit will continue to operate should one or more of the modules fail.
  • Modules can be hot-swapped while the unit is running
  • Transformer-less Design (most cases) saves space and reduces heat
  • Unit operated in the 90%+ efficiency range
  • Less Heat produced due to the efficiency
  • Seamless Transfer available
  • Low Noise
  • Minimal Spares
  • Proven Technology (UPS Based)
  • 12 month Warranty (expandable to 18 months)
  • Far below market pricing